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Here at The Play Pit we specialize in the design, manufacture and sale of bespoke leisure products for all purposes, ranging from soft play equipment for Schools, occupational therapists to startup rental businesses and anything else play related!

We even provide soft play equipment for home use!

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Soft Play Area Equipment

Ask any parent what they want most for their child, and they’ll tell you one thing: They want them to be happy, have fun learning, plus play in a safe environment. Surely, you feel the same? That’s why we have Soft Play For Sale, providing parents with the best simplest way to keep their new-born’s and toddlers giggling and happy. All of the above and much more could be provided for your child, nursery/playgroup or other commercial outlets with our Soft Play Area Equipment.

Kids Play Equipment - Soft Play for sale.

Ball ponds, steps, wedges, slides, educational toys, soft shapes and so much more! We proudly offer high-quality, minus the traditional high price-tag – with all of our superior and sensibly priced products that place your child’s safety firstly at the heart of the proposition. Everything is lovingly handmade in SA, premium designed and manufactured in our factory, we can make almost any product any size and colour, just leave a note on your order when you get to the checkout.

Easy delivery.

Based in Fochville Gauteng, we offer the LARGEST selection of Kids Soft Play for sale to our many and very highly valued local, national AND international clients. With nationwide courier available directly when ordering there is no need to look for third party courier companies to transport your soft play items.

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We most welcome you to check out any of our competitor Softplay area equipment suppliers. As we are most certain you’ll very soon quite happily return to visit The Play Pit when you’ve discovered how our prices are always unbeatable.

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If you happen to be located around our vicinity, you can always Call and Collect.

Should you prefer your Soft Play Area Equipment this very same day? Simply call us today to arrange for a Ready-made Soft play for sale set!

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