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How to setup a Soft Play rental business.

This is our short tip guide on how to start your own soft play rental business without the need to rent a physical brick and mortar space.

Soft Play Rental Business startup tips

1. Deliver to your customers - This will save you money as opposed to securing a retail storefront. Delivering the items also makes for less of a theft risk as you can see where you are offloading the items. It is also a good idea to include your delivery fee in your package. Customers setting up for a party does not have time to collect and deliver items and will much rather go for services where delivery is included.

2. Purchase good quality soft play toys. - Buy commercial-grade equipment, as party toys built for home usage will not withstand repeated use by your customers. Also include slip-'n'-slides, bounce houses and ball pits of various sizes and designs in your rental packages if you have the funds available. Gender-neutral designs, as well as toys meant just for younger children, are ideal to have in your inventory. Having both a mixed color and a neutral color(like White only) set is perfect.

3. Develop a rental contract as well as a liability waiver -  Ensure that each customer carefully reviews and signs each document. If you don't have experience drafting business contracts, you can consult an attorney or find free examples online. Take copies of IDs and Proof of Addresses too. Its always a good idea to verify the address with delivery.


4. Damages - Be sure to hold back a reasonable deposit in case of damages. If a customer returns goods damaged contact us ASAP in order to attempt to fix the equipment for you. If you bought equipment from us, we will do our best to charge you the minimal required costs as we know how tough a business startup is.

5. Sell complementary items to increase revenue - such as party decorations, pinatas, chairs and tables. Since consumers who rent soft play toys often buy these items as well, you may as well be the one to profit by being a "one stop" shop.

6.  Market your soft play business. - You can place online and print classified ads; have a sample display in front of your house; utilize social media and social couponing websites; place coupons and brochures in daycare centers and send them to local playgroups; and sponsor an event aimed at children and families in your community.

7. Order from us and get FREE Documentation - If you order from us for the purpose of starting a rental business kindly ask for our Soft Play Business Rental PDF once you have confirmed your order!



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