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What is soft play equipment?

Soft play equipment is very much as the name suggests, play equipment which is soft and safe for all users. The Play Pit have been soft play suppliers since 1999, manufacturing the equipment from our factory right here in Fochville Gauteng, at that stage as physio-therapy equipment under the name of Re-New Upholstery

Soft Play

Soft play is typically the term used for small pieces of equipment such as ,shapes, packaway play equipment and small structures suited to cafes, nurseries, and garden centers as examples.

Soft play equipment, comes in varying form, but typically is comprised of soft foam with a PVC covering for ease of cleaning and longevity.

Not all soft play equipment is the same however, as raw material choice and quality of manufacture play a vital role in determining the intended use of the equipment. All of our soft play equipment is produced to a commercial standard providing peace of mind that our equipment is both safe for young users and provides the longevity expected in a commercial environment.

Soft play manufacturing requires specialist knowledge and techniques, so always be sure you use an industry specialist for your equipment.

To Learn How to Setup a Soft Play Business CLICK HERE so we can provide you with the necessary tools and to understand how we can assist with your project development. Our service goes much further than simply supplying the soft play equipment, we are with you every step of the way!



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